Legacy Systems Support

Effectively overseeing incumbent legacy systems constitutes a pivotal aspect of the migration process towards a state-of-the-art EHR. Ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted transition from your existing legacy system is imperative, encompassing a continuum of operational continuity spanning from pre-implementation through post-implementation phases.


Oakwolf consultants have successfully developed and executed large legacy system transition plans in many large acute care facilities across the country. Our project managers and expert consultants will support your legacy applications by taking over routine maintenance and support during the transition to a new solution.

Outgoing EHR Support

Ongoing maintenance and support team services to ensure the continued stability and functionality of the legacy EHR system while the new implementation takes place.

Legacy System Data Conversion and Migration

Comprehensive data conversion and migration services to transfer data from the legacy EHR system to a new system or platform. Perform testing and validation of the data transfer to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Legacy System Interoperability

Integration of the legacy EHR system with other healthcare systems or platforms to enable seamless data exchange and sharing.

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